Getting your backyard ready for summer

Dalgenes Carpeting, Flooring Trends

Today’s home extends beyond interior rooms, bringing fashion, form and function to outdoor living spaces. Dressing up patios, garden spaces, terraces, balconies, poolside gathering spots and backyard relaxation areas with durable, weather resistant accessories is the hottest decorating trend among homeowners across the country.

Gone are the days where you are limited to just entertaining inside your home. With our stunning assortment of affordable indoor/outdoor area rugs and carpets, your al fresco space will turn into your go-to spot for entertaining and define a cozy area where family and friends gather.


If you haven’t thought about indoor/outdoor carpet as a viable option for your home, think again?

With advancements in fiber usage, construction, color, style and texture, today’s indoor/outdoor carpets go well beyond the original green, tough turf feel and appearance. Durable enough for the outdoors, yet attractive enough for your indoor décor, indoor/outdoor carpets can provide an easy transition from an interior space to an exterior one. Perfect for high-traffic, semi-outdoor areas such as screened porches or patios, indoor/outdoor carpets are a relatively inexpensive solution for protecting bare feet from splinters, glass from shattering and softening unfriendly wood or concrete surfaces. In addition to porches and patios, indoor/outdoor carpets are a practical option for basements due to the fact that most indoor/outdoor carpets in today’s market are woven of polypropylene, a synthetic fiber that is water, mold and mildew resistant.


Our assortment of indoor/outdoor carpets feature a durable, structured flatwoven surface that is UV stabilized for strong color retention. The use of our exclusive Courtron™ polypropylene fiber, allows our carpets to easily be cleaned and maintained, while providing a soft textured surface. Stocked in a 13’2” width for ease of installation, our indoor/outdoor carpets can be fabricated into a custom size area rug using our selection of 100% Courtron™ polypropylene, UV stabilized binding tapes or synthetic serging.