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About Mission Collection

The Mission Collection Flooring is now available at Dalgenes Interiors in Santa Barbara, California. The Missions represent a vibrant chapter of California’s past and are collectively the best-known historic element of the coastal regions of California. No group of structures in the United States elicits the intense interest inspired by the Missions of California. These architectural monuments are historical reminders of the great Franciscan adventure and passion which influence the dynamic flooring styles in the Mission Collections.The Mission Collection offers three different floors: Palacio, Mission Hardwood, and Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

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1. Mission Collection: Palacio 

Palacio represents a distinctive collection of products at the pinnacle of fashion and color trends in upper-end hardwood flooring. Styles include:

  • Andalusia: Light wire brushing gently highlights the texture of the hardwood grain in each and every Andalusia plank. Filled knots and unique character capture the true beauty of this rustic hardwood. The collections color range offers natural and attractive warm stains in Hickory and Oak. The 7 ½” wide and up to 6’ long planks create a look that is a must have for today’s homeowners discerning interior style.
  • Malaga: Capturing the true beauty of rustic hardwood through light wire brushing, filled knots and unique character graining, these  fantastic colors in Hickory and Oak combined with planks that are 7 ½” wide and up to 7’ long create a look that is a must have for today’s interiors.
  • Marbella: Reminiscent of a 19th Century farmhouse Oak hardwood floor, you can almost imagine the long history behind its existence. The delicately hand sculpted finish on gorgeous 9” wide planks highlights and complements the distinct natural characteristics of each piece. Whether your home is 200 years old or brand new this stunning floor adds appeal and craftsmanship.
  • Paseo: Unique furniture finishing techniques are used to create a depth of color never before seen in flooring. The handsomely scraped Maple, Walnut and Hickory planks in this collection are 7 ½” wide and up to 7’ long. The lustrous distinctly rich color palette highlights and complements the natural characteristics of each piece. Paseo just may be the most luxurious hardwood flooring available today.
  • Regalo: With its classic appeal, the Regalo collection features sawn face true character beauty. The oak, hickory and walnut floors offer dramatic natural color variations in the grain and add an element of artistic, exceptional style to complement any decor.
  • Trinidad: Truly handcrafted and refined wire brushed texturing provides a unique reflection of the artisans who created this collection. The 7 ½” wide, long length Oak planks and full range of distinctive colors make this floor the perfect choice for your room and will look flawless with any decor.


2. Mission Collection: Mission Hardwood

The Mission Hardwood Collection offers floors that are Hand Crafted by skilled artisans to offer a traditional charm combining the best of the past with today’s sophisticated style. Styles include:

  • Capistrano: These four striking colors offer an impressive scrape and texture, available in 3 inch, 5 inch and 7 inch widths  packaged individually. Combine widths to create custom pattern designs for the floor of your dreams.
  • Corte: This expertly crafted kerf sawn collection replicates the subtle sawtooth texture created by age old traditional lumber milling. The softened finish makes this the perfect selection for an urban chic look.
  • Granada: Masterly crafted, this subtle hand sculpted collection is accented with dual staining and furniture finish gloss. The exceptional depth of colors make this one of the most luxurious hardwood flooring collections available today.
  • Montara: (Shown Above) Hand selected  French Oak planks to highlight the natural unique character in every plank. Thermal treated processing enhances the natural patina to create a country chic and modern décor for your home. Designer selected earth tone colors inspired by the latest trends.
  • Polomar: Beautiful wide and long length planks in six warm tones with exceptional depth of color create a unique rustic, time-worn visual.
  • Presidio: Sophisticated appeal in a natural finish and four beautiful stains with a soft gloss for contemporary and traditional settings. With its classic appeal, this collection has exceptional style.
  • Savona: Subtly hand sculpted 5 inch wide planks offered in designer select shades add character and flair to your room.
  • Tolosa: Stately hand scraped soft texture in five luxurious colors and soft patina creates a casual style for your home.


3. Mission Collection: Luxury Vinyl 

Mission Luxury Vinyl Flooring characterizes the look of Natural Wood. Choose from stunning traditional or the ‘Next Generation’ of luxury vinyl flooring – WPC! Available in the following styles:

  • Cortona 12: This stunning collection of realistic wood designs are featured in 6 inch patterns with a high density WPC core, making this an exceptional option for areas that need additional scratch and moisture protection while adding an element of high style and fashion.
  • Cortona 20: This stunning collection of realistic wood designs are featured in 6 inch or extra wide 9 inch patterns with a high density WPC core, making this an exceptional option for areas that need additional scratch and moisture protection while adding an element of high style and fashion.
  • Ladrillo: Embossed Hickory designs in a 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch random width pattern, replicating today’s vintage styling in rich hues to complement a wide variety of today’s design trends.
  • Piedra: A collection of Maple and Acacia wood visuals in a palette of stylish colors from warm earth to cool grays with subtle hand scraped texturing featuring on-trend designs.

All of the collections are available at Dalgenes Interiors, Santa Barbara

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