Earthweave Catskill Hemp & Cotton Bio-Floor Carpet (6 Colors)

Organically dyed using our proprietary OrganoSoftColors process, this heavyweight wool carpet is beautiful to look at and beautiful to touch. The color and texture variation conveys a styling unlike anything else available and the softness is second to none. This product took a long time to develop but the wait has been well worth it.  Amazing styling and amazing softness in one!

Bio-Floor: Bio-Floor uses natural materials without harsh chemical treatments or toxic mothproofing. Just like our customer’s – Bio-Floor is unique and focused on health. It is made to meet those healthy demands.

Face : 100%  Wool, Organically Dyed
Wool Weight : 65oz

Width : 13 feet 2”
Primary : Hemp/Cotton

Durability: All residential applications & light commercial

Colors: Heron, Palomino, Otter, Brindle, Barred Owl & Seal