Carpet adds comfort and luxury to a space. With a variety of colors, patterns, fiber types, and styles to choose from, there’s a unique carpet option for every room. Carpet can be a design statement in a room with a bold pattern, or can effortlessly match the theme of a room with a neutral color. 


It’s hard to beat the feel of soft carpeting. Carpet is an excellent option for homes with small kids or elderly residents as they are less slippery than hard surfaces and provide a cushioned landing surface. You can expect to save money on heating in the winter with carpet because of its ability to insulate heat. 


In general, carpet costs less than hard surface floors, making it a great option for those looking to save money. Carpet is also extremely effective at absorbing sound, masking the sound of foot traffic (especially from pets), blocking sound transmission from room to room, and reducing noise from TV’s and sound systems. 


Anderson Tuftex


Anderson Tuftex creates floors that are designed with intention and crafted with care. They sell simplicity and quality, purpose, refinement and comfort.



Shaw Floors is passionate about creating beautiful homes founded on innovative design and lasting function. They know that a beautiful room doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a process. It’s deliberate. And it all starts with the floor. 



Masland has the creativity, craftsmanship, and color you have been searching for. Masland carpets represent over 145 years of manufacturing expertise and a legacy of outstanding quality, design mastery and color leadership. 



Fabrica manufactures carpets and rugs for the most demanding segments of the high-end style residential market. Their distinctive broadloom carpet has earned Fabrica an international reputation for exquisite style and exceptional performance.



Kaleen is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and has three manufacturing units in Bikaner, Mirzapur, and Panipat where yarn rugs and broadloom are produced and shipped. Kaleen puts their skills and resources to the best possible use with fashion-forward designs and constantly evolving qualities.

Unique Carpets


Unique Carpets, Ltd. manufactures a wide array of products that range from soft, decorative accent pieces through high-performance products engineered to endure the most demanding applications. Performance, durability, and value are provided in equal measure throughout the product range.



Rosecore has been the premier supplier of fine broadloom and hand-loomed floor covering products for over 30 years. With a rich history of artisan craftsmanship and innovative design, Rosecore's exquisite floor coverings enhance exclusive interiors around the world. 



At Hibernia, the emphasis is on craftsmanship. From sourcing the finest wool yarn from around the world, to making sure their products are quality tested to stand the test of time for generations to enjoy. 



Antrim continues to showcase the talented handcrafted work from artisans bringing tradition of centuries old, time honored skill and care to every rug and carpet produced.



Stanton continues to set new standards of innovation and design in uniquely decorative carpets such as patterned Wilton's, wool tufted textures, flat- weaves, wool blends, nylons, synthetic and natural fiber products with patterns produced exclusively for Stanton.



Life is a collection of moments, and there’s a Mohawk product to cover them all. 100% of their carpet products are assembled in the United States—and their proud to lead the industry as a trusted brand in flooring.



Since its establishment over nine decades ago, Couristan has dedicated itself to a universal commitment of excellence. Weaving four key components into every product – Trust, Style, Quality and Innovation – Couristan has earned its place as one of the most highly regarded companies in the floor covering industry.



Kane Carpet, an established trend setter in the broadloom industry since 1947, is proud of its fashion forward philosophy, superior quality and business integrity.



It's like no other carpet in two specific ways: color and softness. They created 50 timeless colors, offering the essential neutrals, atmospheric blues, verdant greens, quiet grays and earthy browns. Also inspired by the softness of the world's softest materials, Caress will win you over with just one touch.